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Welcome to The Home Guard's official website!
The Home Guard are an independent band from Peterborough, England. Fundamentally a rock act, you'll hear elements in their music that could be described as indie, alternative, progressive, Britpop, folk, glam, new wave, and a few more besides. This is the best place to get started:

Click to hear the best of The Home

There's plenty more (two albums' worth) on the music page - all material recorded by The Home Guard will always be available to listen to for free, in full and in high quality on this website. As an added bonus, don't miss the free downloads, including a couple of cover versions.

The Home Guard’s main influences include Queen, Jethro Tull, Madness, Elvis Costello, Blur, David Bowie, Van der Graaf Generator and The Beatles, but for a more extensive (and slightly esoteric) list, see their MySpace profile. The aim was to take as many various influences as possible and make albums that are musically interesting, and you can judge for yourself whether this has been achieved successfully here.


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